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25. Inuit. Trans (FtM). Queer. Rugby player. Law student. Arts enthusiast. Slytherin. Toronto.
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    martian’s best friend 

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  • Five years and 9.5 months on testosterone. Three years and 1.5 months post-top surgery.

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    salt water, brackish, freshwater? Deep sea? or can I use a smaller line?

    Monofilament, 6 lbs, dark green should be sufficient. I’m a rainbow trout, after all… :)

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  • Drop Me a Line

    I’m up for a chat.
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  • Hollow Ground, your haircuts make me so happy!

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    Mine is mostly cognitive.

    I have all three. Well oops.

    Dammit! So do I!

    No one has said this yet, so I feel I must.


    So many people don’t seem to understand that social anxiety can manifest itself in multiple ways. Some people will just dismiss that you have social anxiety if you don’t fit into what they perceive it to be, and that lack of understanding can be really hurtful. So thank you for this.

    (And as my personal comment, I fit into behavioural and cognitive.)

    I have cognitive :(

    [- Cognitive and Behavioural :S -]


    I feel like I just won the “cognitive bingo…”

    All but mostly behavioral and physical

    I’m more general anxiety than social but all the physical ones match

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    last night a guy said to me “you are very, very pretty” and i said “i know” and he said like patronisingly “you KNOW?” and i said “you think you’re the first person to ever compliment me?” and he didn’t know where to go from there

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  • "First…. Many Indigenous Nations have calendars which have
    been counting the years for a very long time. I am aware that
    the calendar of the Mohawk Indian Nation has been counting
    the winters for over 33,120 years. This pre-dates the so-called
    ‘land-bridge’ of the Bering Strait theory, unless, of course, the
    Bering Strait scientists decide to move their interestingly illusive
    time period for “early migration” of Indians back to 40,000 years!
    Many American Indian early histories tell of events that took
    place on this Turtle continent (North America) long before any
    so-called ice age. But, for political reasons, these histories
    have been mostly ignored. You see, the Bering Strait, in truth,
    is a theory that was born of the politics and propaganda of
    early America. In the midst of the American ‘Manifest Destiny’
    social climate, the Bering Strait theory provided a ‘scientific’
    means to justify the taking of ancestral Indian lands. In short,
    the mythical theory eased the conscience, as it was a way for
    land hungry immigrants to believe that, because Indian people
    were only ‘recent inhabitants’ of this land , it was not really their
    ‘homeland’. Therefore Indians were, in their minds, not any more
    the ‘original people’ of this land than they were. This was, and
    still is, the political power of the infamous ‘Bering Strait theory’."

    The B.S. (Bering Strait) Myth
    By John Two-Hawks

    The Bering Strait Theory was made to make colonialism seem less like exploitation.

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    Wow, definitely did not know this but definitely makes all of the sense in the world.  One thing I try to teach my students is that every piece of information was created by someone.  Whether it is numbers, words, or pictures they are all susceptible to the filters of people.  That, in conjunction with the our culture of racism (to say the least) means we must question everything.  

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  • Attraction and Renewal

    Tonight my godson and nephew was born. I feel so honoured to be part of his life. I’ve never been one for kids, but I think this might change me. I already feel like I need to do everything I can to make the world better and safe for him.

    There was also another unrelated and lovely moment this evening, where I met someone who made my heart swell at least twice its normal size.

    I haven’t felt that wonderful, giddy pitter-patter in so long. So long.

    They are both among the most wonderful things I have felt.

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  • Pay it Forward

    Tonight, I bought my meal and the meal for the guy behind me in line. No strings attached. Not because I looked at them and made an assumption, but because I had a moment where I thought, “hey, I have some extra change, and this is a moment of goodwill. Whether they pass it on or not is irrelevant.”

    This isn’t meant to make anyone feel less equal. It was purely out of the fact that at the moment, I had the extra change to do so. Not doing so doesn’t make you a bad person. This is just something I thought I could do today that would better someone else’s day. Whatever you can do to make someone else’s day better is valuable.

    As a side note, I’m getting really tired of these ‘activists’ who shit on anybody who does anything good because they’re in some kind of position of privilege. Sure, they may be, but that does not devalue the efforts or small steps they begin to take to make a difference.

    Things take work. Things take baby steps. Don’t you dare devalue someone else’s genuine offer to help out another person/organization/etc.

    If you do, you can go fuck yourself and never talk to me again.

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    Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you were the one who carried you through the heartache. You are the one who sits with the cold body on the shower floor, and picks it up. You are the one who feeds it, who clothes it, who tucks it into bed, and you should be proud of that. Having the strength to take care of yourself when everyone around you is trying to bleed you dry, that is the strongest thing in the universe.

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    cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat

    this cat lives in a show horse barn which is why it walks and runs that way


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