25. Inuit. Trans (FtM). Queer. Rugby player. Law student. Arts enthusiast. Slytherin. Toronto.
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    whoa I never noticed that before


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  • "Wait for someone who tells strangers about you."
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    when straight people talk to gays

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  • >:[

    Well… I have been able to ignore the alopecia on my body, but now I have a tiny little round spot starting on my head.

    This. means. war.

  • I think being stuck here since learning that she had passed away, without knowing when I could get home, was making things much worse.

    Since I’ve booked my flight, I’ve been able to eat. I even got 3.5 hours of sleep last night.

    I’m so looking forward to being home and with good friends.

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    What would your 10-year-old self say if they saw you now?

    This is the most deep thing I’ve ever seen in my entire fucking life!!!

    I will reblog this every time i see it no matter what happens.

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    While my friend and I were out Ice fishing, his dog broke out of his house and got herself a job

    full story??


    this dog has a job and i don’t

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  • I was finally able to eat. A bowl of white rice. Now to get more than 3 hours of sleep uninterrupted. 

  • I’ll sleep when I’m dead. #gay #ftm #transguy

  • Vertigo

    This past week has been one of the worst weeks of my life. Things seem to keep getting worse and I’m not sure if I can handle any more bad news.

    Last night I seriously considered throwing myself from the 23rd story of a building. My friends were smart and wouldn’t go to bed before I came inside. It seems this week these thoughts have been the worst they’ve ever been for me, despite everything that I and others have been doing to try to make it better.

    I’m trying to force myself to eat, but it hurts. For a brief moment tonight I was able to eat, but moments later I remembered that she’s dead, and the shaking started again. 

    I need to go home.

  • I’m still reeling and in shock. I can’t stop shaking. 

    This is horrible.

  • No sleep yet. I suppose I should force myself to lay down.

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    Hunks & Hotties on goddy654.tumblr.com

    Having adventures together…

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  • I can’t sleep. I can’t stop shaking. I don’t know what to do.